Tips for end of lease cleaning

It’s entirely up to you how you want to tidy up your property. The property is not owned by you and your landlord may suggest that you hire a professional end of lease cleaning services. End of lease cleaning Melbourne can help clean your apartment thoroughly.

You can’t be forced by the landlord to engage a certain cleaning firm to clean up at the conclusion of your lease. The simplest solution is to terminate your tenancy if and when the do so. If you are short on money, you can choose to the cleaning yourself.

Make sure to have the final checklist from the homeowner or letting agent before you begin cleaning. The checklist and check-in registers are the foundation of your work in order to ensure that you have cleaned it thoroughly. In order to pass the final inspection, you must clean the following items to the best of your ability:


Remove everything from the closets and racks. A dry cloth should be used to wipe away any remaining crumbs or residues. All equipment should be removed, and all surfaces should be washed.

Check to see that the filters and soap trays in the washing machine and dishwasher are clean and free of debris. As long as the power is off, keep the fridge doors open to prevent mould from forming. Make a point of cleaning all the refrigerator trays, shelves, and closets, and then do the same for any other equipment having the same qualities.

Living Room

The living room has a lot of clutter and needs to be vacuumed frequently. Disinfect all the boxes, library shelves, coffee tables, cabinets, and televisions, and put them back in their proper places.

Many hard-to-reach places and artefacts can be cleaned in the living room because of its extensive use of bookshelves and other decors. Even while it may appear to be a simple task, it can be extremely time-consuming.


Everything in the bathroom, from the bathtub to the sink to the toilet to the mirror and the tiles, should be thoroughly cleaned. Also, make certain that the drain plug troughs are clear of obstructions so that water can exit quickly.

Verify that no mould, calcium, or soap has accumulated on any metal surfaces, such as shower rods or drain bars. Check to see if the showerhead’s holes have been plugged. The holes must be adequately cleaned and operational if they have been plugged.

The Walls Need to Be Cleaned.

Look for wall scuffs. Check. As a last resort, paint them the same colour emulsion if you can’t wash them off. Unless the owner of the property has decided to repaint the walls and charge for the decor, it is imperative that the marks be removed.

Clean Your Carpets and Rugs:

Using a steam cleaner will make your tapestry and alarms appear brand new in no time. When you don’t have access to one, it doesn’t cost much to employ one. Use a wire brush to scrub the fibres of the tapestries to remove any hair or grime.